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Iconic nature inspired Home Care transmuted through our Health + Wellness tools: inspired by the utopian soul’s pure nurturing desire for recovery and repair, with a simultaneous existence as a dispeller of stagnant energy and degeneration in the company of a relaxing, restorative, regenerative vibrational frequency.

Home Care honours the finest tools to present the essence and vitality of Earth's renewal powers that we all inherently possess. The ancient practices are passed down in a bio-based construct that functions as a sustainable, eco-friendly enrichment to one’s self-care routine, while grounding one’s soul to Mother Earth, as well as, providing a natural, holistic enrichment to the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic, immune and nervous systems, while restoring the functional mobility of fascia, soft tissue and joints, while providing relief to compensating structures and improving your overall activities of daily life or athletic performance.

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