Inclusivity & Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring that persons with special needs and disabilities have access to our good and services. We are always learning and looking for ways to improve accessibility. Here are some steps we’ve taken to improve access to our website and mobile applications:

Barrier-Free Access to Goods and Services

  • We will establish and implement practices, procedures, and policies in order to provide barrier-free access to goods and services.

  • When creating these policies, we will:

    • Determine the current barriers customers face when attempting to access goods or services;

    • Seek to remove all identified barriers;

    • Identify procedures to ensure that where barriers cannot be removed, we will provide alternate means for accessing goods or services; and

    • Address adequate means for preventing the creation of any new barriers.

  • We will Ensure that all individuals are provided with access to our location; and

  • Accommodate support persons free of charge, or where this is not possible, ensure the support person is notified ahead of time that admission will be charged and provide the amount.


  • We will create procedures and processes specific to how to receive and respond to feedback. Processes will include the actions that we will use to respond to complaints;

  • Ensure that information regarding the feedback process is easily available and provided to the public; and

  • Provide documents in alternative formats (where possible) and ensure public awareness of available alternative formats.


  • When communicating with, or providing information to, an individual who is self- identified as being disabled and constrained by a barrier, we will ensure that all communication with the individual is completed in a manner that takes into account the individual’s disability.

  • Where an assisted device is used to remove or reduce a barrier, we will reasonably accommodate the use of said device.

Public Events

In the event that a public event is held, we will take reasonable measures to ensure that:

  • Notice of the event is provided in a way that is accessible;

  • Notice is given stating that persons with disabilities who face barriers can request supports;

  • Upon request, physical and communication needs are met; and

  • Meeting places for events are accessible