Our Story

L’ÂME SPA is an Alternative and Holistic Health & Wellness Brand Connecting the Mind, Body & Soul.

After a life-changing event, Pandora spent her last thousands of dollars and set out on a journey of self-discovery. With only a few hundred dollars left in the bank, Pandora was called and connected to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Here she was called to permanently leave a mark on her body. She met a variety of locals that made an impact on her life. While taking a tattoo break, Pandora looked up at the ceiling and saw an embossing on a metal sheet. It was a flower. Out of curiosity, she soon found it was a national flower on Nepal called the Rhodedendron. This has become a significant symbol of our brand, being the center of our logo to this day.

Today, the Rhodedendron is an omen that serves to remind us of the Summer of 2018, where Pandora’s mission and idea of L’ÂME SPA was born when it was realized how far removed humanity as a race has become from our coexistence with our minds, bodies, spirit, and consequently Mother Earth.

L’ÂME SPA pays deepest respect to everyone she crossed paths with on her 30 day journey through Nepal and everything it taught her. To honour that journey and revelation, she has become driven to spread the message of the mind, body and soul connection and how it impacts the world around us.

L’ÂME SPA holds the secrets to Self-Mastery passed down to her by her gurus of Nepal. Ever since her journey, she continues to learn about the mind, body and soul connection by pursuing education in alternative and holistic health fields such as Yoga, Reiki, Qigong and Manual Therapy.

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