Treatment Plan Encouragement

We have noticed that you have regressed in progress towards your Treatment Plan. If your condition has resolved and you require no further treatment with us at this time, we celebrate your success of reaching your health goals!

However, we must not get ahead of ourselves. With initial relief we suffer the potential of a relapse and potentially progressive degeneration. To ensure that we can avoid that possibility, we have taken it into our hands to educate you about the body's natural healing process.

Normal Posture (Skeletal)

Normal Function (Nervous)

Abnormal Function (Problem)

Road to Recovery (Solution)

Health Care professionals are aware of this cycle toward progress and strive to inform you of the importance of the created and recommended Treatment Plan provided for you.

Importance of Treatment Plan

Although, if for what ever reason you are unable to progress along your Treatment Plan and road to recovery, we have decided to provide you some treatment plan alternatives that you may perform on your own to increase the potential of the maintenance of your current condition.

Treatment Plan Alternatives

Lastly, if you would like to try another alternative, we invite you to check out our sister brand MIND BODY SXUL, an online platform and community...


We wish you all the best toward your success in health and life. As a thank you for choosing us to provide our service of care, we would like to propose to you a downloadable one-time use Patient Appreciation redeemable offer. This offer of a Complementary Service on your next visit is valued at $50 and will be eligible to redeem for up to one year!

Send document “Patient Appreciation & Complementary Service on your Next visit”

Until the next time you may need our service, please go in peace and good health. As we will be here praying for your healing and salvation. 

Take care and remember to be an active participant in your health care.


Founder & CEO