Next Phase of Treatment Plan

 Welcome Back to L’ÂME SPA,

Thank you for proving your interest and commitment to your health care. We have received your Mobile Booking Deposit and are now here to assist you in your next phase of your Treatment Plan.

Before we begin, we would like to remind you of the importance of trust between our therapist and her clients. Privacy and confidentiality is most important to us and we take many measures to ensure so.

 Privacy & Confidentiality

Not only do we strive to make you feel safe, secure and at ease with trusting us with your private health information, but we simultaneously do so with making each and everyone feel included and make Manual Therapy accessible for everyone and all of their abilities.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

If you are wondering what you will expect on your second visit, we have created a sequence that you may become familiar with, to make sure there are no surprises and that everything goes smoothly and on schedule.

Subsequent Visit Expectations

To shoot for the highest outcome, one must prepare for success. We wish you success in your health care and health goals. To help you better prepare for your success, we have outlined some pre-treatment tips that you are recommended to follow to ensure the highest outcome of your treatment.

Pre-Treatment Tips

Last but not least, to confirm that Manual Therapy is best suited for your current condition we must proceed with a more thorough and in depth health history examination to ensure to you that there is not any thing preventing you from receiving a safe and effective treatment. Please fill out the Health History Examination forms below in full to that which applies to you.

Importance of Health History Examination

If for whatever reason Manual Therapy is not recommended for you at this time, we may archive your information for future reference until you are able to receive treatment.

(Click here to fill out the Health History Examination)

(Click here to fill out the Additional Health Conditions)

(Click here to fill out the Somatic History Examination)

(Click here to fill out the Pain Questionnaire)

(Click here to fill out the Confirmation of Health History Consistency)

Once we receive your completed forms, we will reach out to you and let you know if Manual Therapy is best suited for you at this time. 

 Thank you for choosing L’ÂME SPA to take care of your Alternative & Holistic Health Care needs and we strive to deliver the highest quality of care available. 

Looking forward to assisting you attain your maximum potential,


Founder & CEO