Treatment Plan

Welcome Back to L’ÂME SPA,

We are pleased you inform you of your successful completion of your initial Manual Therapy Treatment with Pandora. 

It is important to remember your active participation in your health care and that you complete your recommended home care exercises to allow your body to adjust to the corrective functional abilities that must be re-educated and re-patterned into your neuromuscular system.

Importance of Home Care Exercises

We have e-mailed you our Initial Treatment Report of Findings, Treatment Plan and Recommendations of Care best suited for you and your body’s needs at this time.

However, before you perform these exercises you must prepare your body and environment accordingly. Here are some recommended tips to follow before you perform your home care exercises.

Pre-Exercise Tips

If you have any comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to send them right on over.

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To ensure you progress along your Road to Relief and Recovery, we recommend you book a follow-up appointment. To find out what you will expect on your second visit, please proceed below.

Subsequent Visit Expectations

Thank you for choosing L’ÂME SPA to take care of your Alternative & Holistic Health Care needs and we strive to deliver the highest quality of care available. 

Looking forward to assisting you attain your maximum potential,


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