Successful Completion of Treatment

Welcome to L’ÂME SPA,

We are pleased you inform you of your successful completion of your Manual Therapy Treatment with Ms. Michelle (Pandora) Wrona. 

To ensure you progress well in your post-treatment recovery process we have created a guideline of tips that we recommend you follow to allow the smoothest transition possible. 

Post-Treatment Tips

If you feel that your symptoms are worsening or persisting beyond 48 hours please refer to the document down below to identify situations of concern that may require alternative or additional assistive care. We also outline what we recommend that you do in these case situations.

Persisting Symptoms Protocol

It is important to remember your active participation in your health care and that you complete your recommended home care exercises to allow your body to adjust to the corrective functional abilities that must be re-educated and re-patterned into your neuromuscular system.

Importance of Home Care Exercises

The ultimate goal is proper alignment of the body through correcting our everyday postures.

Importance of Posture

Due to the length of the appointment time and the amount of information that was received from the assessments, it was difficult to find the opportunity to put the pieces together in real time and simplify it in common use, while staying on schedule with our First Visit Expectations. We wanted to ensure the caution we must take when providing our Report of Findings and Treatment Plan best suited for you and your body’s needs at this time.

To make your experience with your recommended home care exercises as safe and effective as possible, you will receive clear instructions on how to perform them with proper biomechanics and procedures. Thus, you will receive an e-mail within 24-48 business hours from your last appointment regarding your Initial Treatment and Recommendations of Care.

However, before you perform these exercises you must prepare your body and environment accordingly. Here are some recommended tips to follow before you perform your home care exercises.

Pre-Exercise Tips

To ensure you progress along your Road to Relief and Recovery, we recommend you book a follow-up appointment within 2-4 weeks so we may reassess the progress of your symptoms, static posture & dynamic movements to monitor the progression of your condition & progress the treatment plan to the next step to ensure you are on the right track to becoming pain-free & increasing your range of motion, in addition to course-correcting or referring out if necessary.

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Subsequent Visit Expectations

Thank you for booking with Pandora to take care of your Alternative & Holistic Health Care needs and we strive to deliver the highest quality of care available. 

Looking forward to assisting you attain your maximum potential on your health, wellness & self-improvement journey!

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